Screening program: now and beyond

We are pleased to find you back for a new FOCUS dedicated on screening program which was the opening topic of the last edition of the Breast cancer Update in 2024. 

At the line-up you’ll find our speakers with exclusives interviews and their full presentation for registered members. Stay tuned, more content and functionalities are coming on the website. Thank you for your interest and fidelity.

State of cancer care in UAE in 2024

UAE oncology landscape has considerably evolved those last 20 years and currently there are more than 30 cancer centers with at least 5 of them being comprehensive cancer centers. Prof Al SHAMSI discuss with us the results of the UAE National cancer registry and brings insights on the breast screening strategy in UAE. His presentation gives a complete view of the state of cancer care in AUE particularly through the actions of the Emirates Oncology Society. 

Advances in Breast cancer Screening

Asiaya MAHEEN KHAN, Radiologist in Abu Dhabi starts with a didactic overview of available screening programs. She goes deep into the interest and limits of the tools at our disposal to screen the breast best, pick up the cancer and treat early. But there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach acceptable considering the heterogeneity of the breast cancer subtypes and of the risk in the population. Personalized breast cancer screening strategies are needed but AI and genetics testing are on the rise.

 AI implication in breast cancer clinic

Upgrading our tools for breast cancer detection seems the best way to improve screening but one should not forget the importance of quality in breast cancer screening practice and the role of second reading. Isabelle THOMASSIN NAGGARA, Radiologist, Paris, France question on the way we are currently training AI. She will also discuss the implication of the DENSE trial which demonstrate the interest of MRI screening in women with extremely dense breasts. 

Tips and tricks in breast cancer screening

Without a doubt, you’ll find a lot of take-home points here and your patients will definitely appreciate to listen too. Danna HADDAD, Radiologist in Dubai explains us the strengths and limitation of mammograms. She reminds the importance of doing a physical exam and discuss the potential of quantitative imaging as potential game changer. Making simple complicated topics is real talent.