What are main lessons from UAE National cancer registry and more specifically on breast cancer disease?

UAE National Cancer Registry: 4,600 Cases Reported in 2019, With a Rising Trend Among Younger Females

The UAE National Cancer Registry was established at least in 2014 and reports data every two to three years. The latest report, released in 2020, documented around 4,600 cases of cancer in the UAE. It is regrettable that this number is expected to rise with time.

Breast Cancer: The Most Common Type Globally and in the UAE

Unfortunately, breast cancer holds the title as the most common type of cancer worldwide. In the UAE, this trend continues. However, there is a significant difference:

Rising Tide of Younger Female Patients

Approximately 40% of patients in the UAE diagnosed with cancer are under the age of 50. Among them, around 20% are under the age of 40.

The Challenge: Early Detection for Younger Population

Screening is essential to detect and treat cancer early, but a challenge arises when it comes to individuals younger than 40. Currently, there is no widespread screening available for this age group in the UAE. However, efforts are being made to encourage those above the age of 40 to begin regular screenings.

Importance of Early Screening

To emphasize, individuals with a family history of cancer should consider starting their screening earlier than age 40. The importance of early detection and treatment cannot be overstated in the fight against cancer.

  • April 23, 2024