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What is the importance of technical quality in breast cancer screening?

The Value of National Mammography Screening Programs

One significant advantage of national mammography screening programs, such as that in France, is the emphasis on educating radiologists and technologists about the importance of high-quality mammograms. This quality refers to both an excellent image and a low radiation dose.

The Consequences of Inadequate Mammograms

When a mammogram is not correctly executed, it may result in poor positioning or incorrect exposure factors. Such issues can prevent the detection of cancers, particularly those located deeply within the breast. If the mammogram’s quality is insufficient, even an expert radiologist cannot identify abnormalities.

The Role of Second Reading

One crucial aspect of second reading is the ability to assess suboptimal mammograms and recognize their deficiencies. These images may be deemed BIRAD 0 (indeterminate), necessitating a patient’s return for a retake to ensure an adequate mammogram that can accurately detect potential cancers.

Quality Control in Mammography Screenings: A Necessary Component

In summary, the value of second reading lies in its ability to identify and rectify suboptimal mammograms. By doing so, we can ensure that each patient receives a high-quality examination that increases the chances of detecting breast cancer at an early stage. National mammography screening programs play a crucial role in promoting this essential quality control measure.

  • April 23, 2024