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Breast surgery indication in MBC.

?️ Exploring Impact of Breast Surgery on Metastatic Breast Cancer: Insights from BCU 2022

At BCU 2023, Rita SAKR delivered a compelling lecture on the complex topic: role of breast surgery in metastatic breast cancer. Since 2002, an array of retrospective non-randomized clinical studies has highlighted the potential connection between primary tumor removal and enhanced survival in primary MBC patients.

? However, the narrative becomes nuanced when considering the possible influence of selection biases on the observed survival benefit associated with surgery. This highlight the need for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) for a clearer understanding.

? The results from these trials offer a mosaic of insights. While surgical intervention exhibited an improvement in local progression-free survival, the story took an unexpected turn as it seemed to cast a shadow on distant progression-free survival.

? The challenge lies in drawing definitive conclusions from these divergent findings. Rita SAKR rightly underscores the need for well-conducted RCTs boasting larger sample sizes. These trials are the linchpin in validating and solidifying the observations garnered from observational studies.

? The journey to comprehending the intricacies of breast surgery’s impact on metastatic breast cancer marches on, propelled by rigorous research and a determination to improve patient outcomes.

Rita SAKR is a French / European Board certified, American Fellow, Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon & Ob-Gynecologist with over 20 years of surgical, clinical, academic and research experience in the field. Director of the Breast Clinic at Kings College Hospital, Dubai

  • October 20, 2023